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  • Dr Garay is AWESOME!!!!

    He's kind, considerate, compassionate, well educated & extremely Handsome (Married) I hear she is Gorgeous..

    Not only did Dr Garay relieve me from my "not of any use Gallbladder" besides just giving pain whenever it felt the notion by removing it...

    ~ Stephanie Smith ~

  • I highly recommend Dr. Garay to anyone looking for weight loss surgery in the Kingwood and surrounding areas. He and his team made me completely comfortable with such an invasive surgery. I went into surgery very well informed of the choice I was making. Even throughout my recovery Dr. Garay and his...

    ~ Jennifer Montgomery ~

  • I had gastric bypass done by Dr. Garay due to a medical condition that I have called Gastroparesis. It's a very unbearable condition that had me extremely sick every day! I have not had any symptoms of my sickness since my surgery and I'm VERY THANKFUL for Dr. Garay!!!

    ~ April Freeman-Thompson ~

  • I had a really good experience with dr Garay and his staff. They were all extremely nice and he answered every question I had before I even had to ask them! He also reassured me when I told him of any worries I had for my upcoming surgery.

    ~ brook zucha ~

  • When I was referred to Dr. Garay I was so ill he thought I was dying. I fought hard to be healthy enough to have the life saving surgery I needed. I had the corrective surgery I needed a month ago and I'm doing great now! I would highly recommend Dr. Garay and his staff to anyone needing their ca...

    ~ Sandra Eaton ~

  • I think I lucked out having Dr. Garay on call when I went to the ER. He was professional, straight forward, explained everything, answered all of my questions and not once did he rush his answers or act like he was in a hurry to get to the next patient.

    ~ Joanne Patterson ~

  • Dr. Garay was easy to talk with and provided more than enough information about the procedure and risks. He understood my issues and provided appropriate options. My surgery went well, post op has been even better and I attribute this to his expertise. I received the sleeve surgery and am feeling go...

    ~ Kim Middleton ~

  • I just want to start off by saying Dr. Garay and his staff are simply amazing! He went over detailed with my procedure and what causes it and how to take care after surgery. Not once felt rushed and he went over every question with my husband because I was in shock. When he realized my face he asked...

    ~ Nuvia Rivera ~

  • I live in Livingston TX, but wanted to travel to a more densely populated area to find a gastric surgeon, feeling I could find a better doctor there. I found Dr Garay in Kingwood and set up my first appointment. On my first visit, my deafness created a problem, since Dr Garay's plan involves educati...

    ~ Donald H. ~

  • Excellent experience with Dr. Garay, he took his time to ask questions and the best of all he speaks Spanish! My mom was the patient and she was able to communicate with the Dr. directly. She was very happy with Dr. Garay.

    ~ Anita Palacios Valladares ~

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